Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lacy Hooded Cowl Pattern

I've had numerous requests for the pattern for my Lacy Hooded Cowl that I created for my co-worker, Alice's wedding gift. So here you are!

Lacy Hooded Cowl
By Celeste Dunn
Celestial Designs
Crochet Designs by Celeste

I created the cowl in a half double crochet openwork (one row of half double crochets, one row of half double, chain one, skip next stitch, half double across, then a row of half double crochets again). I created a rectangle 46" long by 20" wide, starting with a foundation half double crochet row (160 stitches), using a size "J" hook. Joining the 2 narrow sides, I created the cowl which hangs nicely down the front. The 20" width allows the lacy cowl to be drawn up as a delicate head covering, yet leave a nice collar on the back of the neck.

2 skeins #2 Fine Lace Yarn - I used Patons Lace (3 oz. / 498 yds) in the colorway of Midas.
Hook size: J
1 tapestry hook (for weaving in ends)

Special Note:
This pattern calls for a foundation chain of hdc. To FHDC, begin by chaining 3, yarn over and insert hook in first chain. Yarn over and draw through. Yarn over and draw through 1 loop (this is the next chain). Yarn over and draw through all 3 loops on hook. Yarn over, insert hook through chain just created. Yarn over and draw through, yarn over and draw through one loop (next chain). Yarn over and draw through 3 remaining loops. (This will now count as the second stitch). Continue across until you reach the correct number of foundation stitches.

Row 1: FHDC 160 stitches. Turn. (Approximately 46" long)

Row 2: Chain 3 (counts as first HDC and one chain). HDC in 3rd stitch from end. *Chain 1, skip next stitch, HDC in next stitch. Repeat from * to end of row. Turn.

Row 3: Chain 2 (counts as first HDC). *HDC in chain 1 space. HDC in next stitch. HDC in next ch 1 space. Continue to end of row ending with HDC in last HDC stitch, HDC in ch 3 space, HDC in 2nd ch from end. Turn.

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until piece measures 20". Fasten off, but do not cut yarn. Fold cowl in half crosswise, hold open ends togeter. With yarn and working through both sides to join, hdc in stitch row ends. Chain 1 over the chain space ends. HDC in stitch row end. Chain 1 over chain space ends. HDC in stitch row end. Continue to complete the join and fasten off. Weave ends in.

I plan on another one in Porcelain (which is a self-striping blue lace yarn).