Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again . . .

Well, so much has been happening and I haven't blogged in too long a time. I apologize.

I have 2 more designs on Ravelry, my Glam Clamshell Earrings is a Free download and my Nubby Mitt (which I consider to be a 100% unique creation) is available for a small charge.

I traveled with my son to North Carolina for my mom's 86th birthday and gave her the shawl I made. She is recovering from her 3rd stroke and the birthday was a little melancholy for us. But her reaction to the shawl made me realize the power of creating something by hand. It's hard to describe, but it was like she could feel the love and prayers I infused in my crochet stitches and I could feel the energy as I placed the shawl into her hands. You can see it on her shoulders here.

I love how crochet can bring the light into someone's eyes, if you know what I mean.

I also recently began testing my crochet skills with eyelash yarn. After a couple of fits and starts, I've got a good technique going and have made some funky and fun hats that I will donate to cancer patients. It's that time of year again and I'm looking forward to continuing my charity hats.

One or two people have asked me to create hats or scarves for them and though I usually abhor taking on commissioned work, these are good friends. And actually, it gets down to my being a little self-conscious making something for money and having it maybe not turn out right. Still have that old self-doubt pop up, though I know my work is very nice. Just doesn't seem right to accept money, though.

Finally, I've been lazy. I had all of these ideas that I wanted to post and I'd just come home from work and vegetate for the last few weeks. (Crocheted and vegetated, I'll have you know!)

So I promise I'll try to do better and post a little more regularly.

My next blog? Taking a mistake and creating a nifty design texture.

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  1. with the finished product -- specifically the shoulders. I have very broad, square shoulders (think football player) and the shoulder instructions just make the tunic look weird on me. I'll keep trying different techniques to get the shoulders looking right.
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