Saturday, July 31, 2010

Projects, projects, projects . . .

Just how many projects are you working on at the same time?

Usually, I'm pretty good about working on one thing at a time. However, the last week or so, I've found myself involved with more than one project. First, I was trying to finish a small group of 100% cotton coasters that I was making with my left-overs. The cotton yarn required a size "H" hook. Then I made a few pairs of lacy earrings using JP Coats Pearl Cotton thread that is actually for my overlock machine, but I've found crochets beautifully for very nice elegant earrings as well as snuggies for my drinking glasses (to keep the bugs out on these summer days). This thread is easy to work with using a size "E" hook. I'm also creating my first design and testing out the pattern instructions for my Nubby Mitt. This also calls for 100% cotton crochet yarn and I'm using a size "I" hook. As you can see, all of my projects use different sized hooks and thread. So I can easily switch from one thing to another and each project has all the tools with it.

Today, we drove out to the Franklin Grove Summer Harvest Festival where they had the first annual Fiber Craft show. There were about a dozen local fiber farmers / wool spinners with booths. All were selling their rovings for those who spin their own yarn or do needle punch work. They also sell hanks of hand spun yarn -- almost all from animals they raised on their farms. What an amazing thing to wander from booth to booth and feel wool in its natural state (some you could really feel the lanolin!) Then there was apalca wool, merino wool, angora, mohair and each had it own hand. Some of the most amazing looking / feeling yarn was also very expensive. I wish I could have bought the gorgeous mahogany colored hank of soft, soft apalca wool, but the small hank was nearly $25!

Not to go home empty handed (because I've been very curious about crocheting with hand spun local wool), I bought a hank of hand spun yarn (I have no idea what type of wool) for under $10. It's a pretty taupe color, worsted weight yarn with some softness to it. I think I'm going to try a lacy scarf, since the hank is not very big. In a month will be our annual Fiber in the Park, which is a local merchant festival, again showing off the many fiber farmers in our area. They also have people who still tat, one gentleman who makes spinning wheels, absolute artists with wool who sell their blankets, sweaters, hats, socks, etc. I visited last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself (I had just found the crochet bug once again, so this was a real treat!) I have time, maybe I'll save up and splurge on some super soft alpaca wool next time.

Now, I'm torn. I have the pattern-testing project started, but I'm dying to jump into this hand spun. I think I may try crocheting this worsted weight with a size "J". Hmmmm, I'm not using it for anything else at the moment. . .

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