Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome to Crochet 4Ever

Welcome crochet fans!

At least I assume you are a crochet fan -- why else would you be here! :)

I love to crochet and consider myself to be advanced (in age, maturity, and general crotchetiness) in my crochet abilities. I started crocheting in my teens, (Dr. Who scarves were the rage!) then with college, marriage, family, etc. I slowly lost my desire to grab the "hook" and yarn. Lately, I needed something to do with my hands (especially in the evenings) and ease the stress / panic attacks that were becoming more and more frequent. I found crocheting once again! Not only does it help relieve the day's stress and frustration, it has proven to be extremely rewarding.

I started full-bore by taking on the project of crocheting cancer comfort hats for our local hospitals. But I also make many other projects.

My biggest desire, though, is to pass the art, and yes, it is art, to others. But I don't have anyone I can teach!

Voila! This blog. I hope to teach others the joy and satisfaction of crocheting.

I may not post regularly at first (we're having internet issues in our town). But I will try to build this Blog into something I will be proud of.

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